My Work

Full House were kind enough to nominate this poem for Best of the Net. My friend said she ‘loved it, but just wanted to tell the narrator to get a grip.’ I agree!

Game Day
I wrote this poem with ideas from my teammates at several different teams. It describes the emotion and physicality of a women’s rugby match.

A poem about going climbing (and falling in love with you)
I’m a bit of a sap and not afraid to admit it, but I challenge you to find a sport that doesn’t lend itself to metaphor.


BTS at BT Murrayfield 🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿🇳🇿 #MatchdayStory #AsOne #AutumnNationsSeries #ANS

♬ original sound – Scottish Rugby
I co-wrote and performed the VO for this Matchday Story.

Cleaned the house for your mom once on #MothersDay2022 and now she expects it every day😭 #MiRobotVacuumMop2Ultra #GenZvsMillennial

♬ 原声 – Xiaomi – Xiaomi
I co-wrote this TikTok for a large tech brand’s campaign.

The day we move in together
My partner and I now live together (our plant-survival track record is poor).

This sonnet rebels against the idea that women must be sweet and forgiving.

Some Fears
When I reread this list poem, I still worry about Sheepy resenting me, but I’ve given up on well-fitting jeans.

The job hunt can be frustrating. I wrote this poem as a recent graduate, and have been fortunate to have two wonderful “grown up ” jobs since.

Hopes for a New Decade
I truly can’t believe we are three years into this “new” decade. Some of my hopes have materialised and I await others.

Cooking‘ & ‘Demolishing a Kitchen Wall with My Dad and His New Girlfriend’
These poems are untrue, but cooking and demolishing walls are rich with metaphor.

Almost every woman knows the specific pain of men belittling our experiences of sexual harassment and assault. This poem explores that.

The World is Ending. It is Still Springtime
My first lockdown poem is one I’m proud of. The grape/ankle image put my partner off breakfast (I’m also proud of that).

Monday Evening’ ‘Homecoming’ ‘Creation’ & Unsaid
These poems speak about the varied ways food reflects human relationships and brings us closer with those we love.