My Writing

‘Fury’ in Writer’s Resist (Poetry) (Forthcoming)

‘Mum’ in Vociferous Press Reproductive Rights Anthology (Poetry) (Forthcoming)

Monday Evening’ ‘Homecoming’ & ‘Creation’ in Capsule Stories Winter 2021 edition. (Poetry)

Everyone’s Game campaign for Scottish Rugby (Script)

Offerings‘ in Full House lit mag. (Poetry) (Best of the Net nominated)

March 2020 – March 2021‘ in Scottish Book Trust’s ‘Your Stories: Celebration’. (Poetry)

Please Scream Inside Your Heart’ in Stellar Quines’ HOW TO CHANGE THE WORLD. (Poetry)

The day we move in together’ in perhappened, LOVERS volume. (Poetry)

Game Day‘ in Stymie (Poetry)

Some Fears‘ in Vagabond City Lit. (Poetry)

Entry-level‘ in Spoken Word Scratch Night Paris, Volume 2. (Poetry)

Unsaid‘ in Sauer Zine. (Poetry)

‘A list of things I found when lockdown started and I emptied my bag’ in Aloe Magazine. Profits go to UK and Ireland healthcare services. (Poetry)

A poem about going climbing (and falling in love with you)‘ in Royal Rose: The Castle. (Poetry)

Hopes for a New Decade‘ in Scottish Book Trust ‘Your Stories: Future’. (Poetry)

Cooking‘ and ‘Demolishing a Kitchen Wall with My Dad and His New Girlfriend’ in Another New Calligraphy. (Poetry)

Hyperbole‘ in Emerge Literary Journal (CW for sexual assault)

The World is Ending. It is Still Springtime‘ in Spoken Word Scratch Night Paris. (Poetry)

‘the girls are laughing in the gym’ ‘The Farrier’s Daughter’ ‘Jack of Hearts’ and ‘Prayer’ in From Arthur’s Seat. Find a copy. (Poetry)